Dawn Tekler (b. South Bend, Indiana) earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art with a major in Photography and a minor in Video and Film History.  Currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

About My Encaustic Wax Process (Hot Wax Painting)

The encaustic series started as an experimental departure from my conventional photography.  I was initially drawn to document the scene or subject matter, but did not find the final presentation in traditional photographic form satisfactory.  Wanting more out of the work, I started investigating the deconstruction of the photograph adding various collage material and encaustic wax. My more recent work is devoid of the photo and focuses on pushing the limits of the wax while exploring color and texture to covey the story.

I am drawn to the idea of encasing the subject, so it can be studied at a later date. This is a theme that is carried over from my voyeuristic approach to my photography.

Through the layering of wax, adding color and texture I aim to create an environment which allows the viewer to bring to it, their own story and hopefully enjoyment of that journey and also with anticipation invite the viewer back over and over again to find different elements not noticed in the original viewing.

The Industrial series started as a concentrated look of one particular route to work during my morning commute. The goal was to study the sunrise and sky, watch the changing weather patterns, and observe the colors and textures of the atmosphere reflect off the buildings and scarred landscapes. Layers of encaustic wax, original photography, oil paint, aluminum paste and mica are applied with brushes and putty knives achieving different reflective surfaces. This body of work is ever evolving, moving away from collage and focusing strictly on painting. The work is focusing on line and color, pushing the limits of how little information is needed to convey an idea.

In my Seascapes series I turn my focus from the industrial scarred landscapes of Cleveland to the powerful but serene oceans, lakes and seas. Encaustic wax, oil paint, and mica are utilized to convey the raw energy and forces created by nature. Through layering, fusing and scraping the wax, atmospheres, textures and scapes are created to evoke emotions and tap into that inspiration only the ocean can give.